Blenheim: Revealing Memory

Memory is not just about the past; it is equally, if not more so about the present and the future and how they all interconnect with each other. Most important characteristic of memory is the ability to establish connections.

A memory can be seen as such as soon as the present information, experience, or surrounding environment changes. Memories are happenings in the past, are processed in the present and become life in the future.
Blenheim garden has a long history with constant change of its landscape. By redrawing the lakeside landscape of Blenheim Park, the moment of memory revealed itself. One moment happened to be on a straight path, on an ally of trees. By walking, the memory is slowly building up on a slightly changing path. Suddenly another view comes up, a change of direction. We decide to take the opposite direction and when turning around, the seen cannot be seen anymore.

The moment of memory appears.