Chasing the Unexpected

What does it mean to chase the unexpected? This project does not have an end proposal. This project has evolved in to a tool. A tool for trying to understand a chosen situation or plot by doing registrations through chasing the unexpected.

Everything we see hides another thing. We always want to see what is hidden by what we see René Magritte

Another example of writing while walking. Inspired by Ed Ruscha's Every building on the sunset strip. Photos taken to my left and right.

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Walking is more than reaching B from A. When we walk we also have the opportunity to discover. Discover something you didnt see yesterday. This can be a mural on a wall, new furnitures inside a window you look through when you pass by.
Taking a new route or a shortcut on your way to work can lead you to spaces you didnt even know existed in the city. Getting to know the feeling of experiencing something new, in something old.

Redrawing gives you the opportunity to look at your work through new eyes. Zooming in to reveal another depth of what you have already been looking at. Leaving the scale of being a human in the urban city. Entering in to my own work in a sense.

This is one way of chasing the unexpected. To be like the poets of old. Walking around in gardens like Villa Guilia. Taking note of the elements that fascinate us. To learn by being present in the situation while moving through