Performance of Time

A House, a Tree, and its Shadow

For the first time walking through the streets and paths of Bergen I got fascinated by the constantly changing surrounding and its atmosphere. The photograph “A house, a tree and its shadow” was taken during one of these walks and revealed the processed themes light, shadow and ambiguity. Therefore, in my work, I have tried to find out where these topics lead me.

A shadow theatre in the form of a laboratory makes it possible to discover, gain knowledge and develop my final intervention on site. The narrative potential of light and shadow supports spatial development. My design project will be implemented along the shore of Lake Constance. The goal of my intervention is to encourage continuous reinterpretations by the various visitors over time. The spatial experience within a year is never the same. From hour to hour, day to day and also from season to season. It is constantly changing.

The shadow theatre and the site-specific sun path are generating a rich potential of meanings. I want to make people aware of change linked to time, duration by moving through. I appreciate moments in which every single stay reveals a new discovery and a different spatial experience. Multiple visits are necessary to understand the place fully. It is like the pleasure of reading a book over a certain time without knowing the whole story from the very beginning.

Shadow theatre, through an entire test series I created different settings. Cut out of shadow, sculpting fragments, observing natural movement.

With the movement of the sun a shadow changes its position from minute to minute. What stays is the memory about its previous position. The only thing I can do is to start tracing, to keep its form and position. By taking pictures the traced and current shadow a double shadow

Material experiments, decay of a plaster covered gauze, showing up the gradually integration of the surrounding. The environment as author revealing time.