Villa Guilia: Hiding Architecture

Going around the corner. Villa Giulia holds a lot of reasons for going around the next corner. It is a garden that is longer than wide, giving it a lot of different sequences when you move through it. Let me try to lead you through it from left to right: The first space is an open garden surrounded by tall walls. Openings in the walls give you a glimpse of the life outside this garden. Then you come to the first room with a roof. It is much smaller than the open garden. Scale. The view is important here. On the lowest level, you will see caves, statues, and water. A "secret place". Then it is a new space surrounded with even higher walls, and a circular staircase leading you to a space that is on the same level as you stand. On a level higher than that you can see the villa. That is your background. Going to your left or right leads you to a small staircase, taking you down to this level above the cave. No openings to the outside world. Going up the circular staircase takes you to a room with a roof, like the one we just came from. Then back to a new open garden. Openings like the other one. Showing you the outside world. Three straight ornamented walls, and one curved one. Pillars holding up the Villa, making it float. This is the final space you will be at before entering the villa.